Whole House Humidifiers

A whole-house humidifier can add tremendous comfort to your home. Consider these benefits:

Health and Comfort: Reduce colds and flu, itchy skin, scratchy throats, and static shocks with a whole home humidifier. Cost Savings: Spend less to heat your home – humid air feels warmer and more comfortable than dry air. Also, inadequate humidity can cause walls and ceilings to crack, wood floors to separate, and hardwood furniture to crack. Plus, it can damage expensive electronic equipment with static charges.

Hudson Heating offers a full line of evaporative and steam humidifier solutions for all applications and home sizes.

Honeywell TrueEASE Evaporative Humidification Systems

Honeywell TrueEASE HumiidifierThe ideal humidifier should treat your whole house, improve comfort, reduce energy costs, conserve water, operate quietly and be easy to maintain. Only Honeywell TrueEASE humidifiers do it all.

Whole House Comfort

Unlike portable humidifiers, Honeywell TrueEASE humidifiers are installed out of sight with your central heating and cooling system, helping you automatically maintain a comfortable humidity level in every area of your home.

Eliminates Maintenance Hassles

The TrueEASE automatically fills itself, and the replacement pads can be easily accessed. The slide-out pad design means you won’t have to disassemble the humidifier or interact with the plumbing in order to change the pad. The Change Pad indicator light on the front lets you know exactly when replacement is needed. What’s more, Honeywell replacement pads feature an exclusive AgION anti-microbial coating that helps inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.

Quiet Operation

You’ll also appreciate that the TrueEASE is the quietest evaporative humidifier on the market. Fan-powered models are 20 dB quieter than equivalent competitive residential fan humidifiers, allowing you to maintain your home’s tranquility and comfort.

Saves Water. Saves Energy. Saves Money

Because humidified air feels warmer, you’ll be able to cut energy costs by turning your thermostat down while still feeling comfortable.

Honeywell TrueSTEAM Evaporative Humidification Systems

Designed for Today’s Equipment

Honeywell TrueSTEAM HumidifierThe world of heating and cooling equipment is vastly different today than it was even a few years ago, with the trend towards high-efficiency, variable speed, dual-fuel and heat pump systems. Because of how these systems operate, yesterday’s humidifiers often fail to deliver the humidification that you desire. The redesigned TrueSTEAM provides the solution: a humidification system that operates independently from the equipment.

Limitless Installation Opportunities

TrueSTEAM can be remotely mounted up to 20 feet away from the system with remote-mount kit, making humidification possible in homes where it was once thought impossible.