Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner

The Trane CleanEffectsTM Air Cleaner is unlike anything else out there. It was designed from the ground up to make the air in your home feel cleaner and fresher than you thought possible. As an accessory to your matched Trane System, CleanEffects:

  • Removes up to an incredible 99.98% of allergens from filtered air.
  • Traps particles as small as .1 micron in size.
  • Up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1″ filter.
  • Can reduce your need to dust by up to 50%.
  • Has had its performance verified by leading experts at the Harvard School of Public Health.

So effective, it essentially redefines clean air!

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of an air filtration system. The two you’ll most likely see are MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rate.

MERV is designed for systems with media-based filters, and involves loading the filter with particles until its airflow is greatly reduced. Unfortunately, this method only measures one aspect of air filtration, particle capture efficiency. Since Trane CleanEffectsTM operates with incredible airflow efficiency even under a heavy particle load, it simply cannot be evaluated with the MERV method.

Instead, Trane uses CADR, which measures not only the efficiency with which particles are removed from filtered air, but also the rate at which clean air is delivered to your living space. This is a more accurate representation of an air cleaner’s performance because it measures the end benefit to you.