Winter is Coming! Get Your Furnace Inspected Now!

Winter is Coming! Get Your Furnace Inspected Now!

Believe it or not, winter is just around the corner! I know, we’re still dealing with Holloween, but do you remember trick or treating in the snow? You bet!

Your furnace may come on the first week or two, but if you haven’t had it looked at for a while, it could be you’re running on borrowed time. Believe me when I tell you that the last thing you want to do is have a furnace breakdown in the middle of a cold snap.

That’s why now is the time for a furnace safety check. We’ll come out and inspect your furnace, clean the burners, change the filter and go over every serviceable part to make sure they are all working properly. It’s not expensive, and it only takes about an hour, but it will give you peace of mind when the winds of November start howling outside.

Regular service check-ups extend the life of your furnace and help it run more efficiently, which saves you gas and money. It’s also a safety precaution: you don’t want carbon monoxide coming into your house from the furnace. We’ll make sure your heating equipment is in good shape and poses no safety problems.

Call to set up an appointment. It’s a good idea to beat the rush of procrastinators, so call today. 330-655-2933.