Joe Bettio – Still a dedicated US Marine

United States Marine Corp. logoWithin five minutes of meeting Joe Bettio, you’ll know he is a proud marine. It must be in his blood. It’s certainly in his bloodline, as his family has a strong military background. His father is a marine and his uncle served in the US Army.

So maybe it wasn’t so unusual after all that Joe enlisted in the Marines at the age of 16 under the delayed entry program. This allowed him to finish up his education at Stow High School at the age of 17.

“I graduated from high school and from the Marine boot camp on the same day,” he said. He spent four years in the service, earning the rank of Lance Corporal E-3. Joe spent duty time in Okinawa and Korea.

Joe is still an active supporter of our troops. He is past president of the 325 Marine Foundation and a supporter of the Hire Our Heroes Program.

Joe bought Hudson Heating from his father-in-law, Don Butcher, in 1996, and the business has been growing steadily ever since.

Joe brings the same discipline he learned in the Marine Corps to his business. Unlike many businessmen, Joe is actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business, where he emphasizes customer service to all his employees. His leadership style brings stability, so there is little employee turnover.

Joe has three children – Austin (who works at Hudson Heating), and daughters Madison and Rylee.