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Hot Water Heater Installation Services

If you find yourself without hot water, a failing hot water heater is likely the culprit. The reliable team at Hudson Heating Company offers professional hot water heater installation for gas, electric, and tankless models. We only install the highest quality brands such as Bradford White, Rheem and Navian for your safety and comfort.

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When to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Because hot water heaters have very few parts, there are only a couple things that can go wrong with them. The most common issues include the pilot light going out, tripping of the circuit breaker, burner or heating element failures, thermostat operation, or valve corrosion / leaks. Some issues are easy DIY fixes and some require a professional. If you're left wondering whether or not it's worth it to repair or replace your hot water heater, follow our tips below:

Replace if:

- Your water heater is older than 8 years
- Cost to repair is more than a third of the cost to replace
- Leaks water
- Makes loud noises
- Uses too much energy
- Leaves you with lukewarm water for showers, baths, and washing dishes

Benefits of High-Efficiency Tankless Water Heaters

If you're looking to replace your old hot water heater, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency tankless model. Here are 4 reasons to consider making the switch:

Endless Hot Water

The days of timing your showers around the size of your hot water tank are over. Tankless water heaters will provide you and your family with continuous and endless hot water.

More Efficient

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional tanks. Higher efficiency means more money saved on your utility bill – up to 40% more!


If water is dripping or pooling near your outdoor unit, you could have a refrigerant or condensate leak. Both issues require urgent repair for your family’s health and safety.

Bad Odors or Burning

The air circulating in your home should be fresh and clean. Any bad odors could be a sign of mold, an electrical fire, or a wire burn.

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When You Need Quality Hot Water Heater Installation Services, Trust the Experts at Hudson Heating Company for a Job Done Right.