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Expert Boiler Installation & Repair

Hudson Heating Company is one of Summit County’s premier boiler installation and repair companies. Known for their complexity, boilers are one of the more difficult heating systems to work on and install. Not all contractors are qualified to service boilers which is why it’s critical to find a professional company with a long reputation of boiler experience. Hudson Heating Company employs a highly trained team of boiler experts with years of on-the-job skills installing and repairing all makes and models.

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5 Benefits of Boiler Heat

While boiler systems have a reputation for being one of the more expensive systems to install, they offer many benefits over more traditional forced air systems.

Consistent Temperatures

Boilers provide a steady source of heat making home temperatures more even and consistent from room to room.

Ultra-Quiet Performance

While you certainly will feel their heat, you definitely won’t hear a peep.  Boilers quietly and efficiently supply and distribute hot water to create the most comfortable environment possible.

Improved Indoor Air

Homes with boiler heat tend to have more humidity in the winter months as well fewer dust and allergens circulating in the air.

Energy Efficiency

Boilers use less fuel than their counterparts, making them one of the more efficient systems on the market.

Less Maintenance

Boilers do not have filters that need replaced every few months, but yearly maintenance is suggested to maximize performance and efficiency.

Hudson Heating Company is your source for reliable boiler installation & repair. Count on our team of experts to exceed your expectations and restore your comfort.