Gas Furnaces

All models come with steel cabinets, self-diagnostic microelectronic control for maintenance, multi–port in-shot burners to maximize efficiency, and a one-piece heat exchanger with no welds to prevent cracks.

Trane 90 & 95 Series

New Trane FurnacesThese high efficiency furnaces provide warmth and comfort, even on the coldest days, and save money every month off your heating bill. All come with four-speed blower motors. With over 90% efficiency, Trane 95 furnaces are ENERGY STAR® qualified. Trane 90 furnaces are up to 90% efficient.

Download the Trane 95-90 Brochure

  • XC95m: Variable Speed Furnace with ComfortLink™ II Communication Technology allows you to control your thermostat remotely by phone, and coordinates with other system components to ensure customized comfort and efficiency. Includes a quieter variable-speed blower motor and modulating gas valve to maximize efficiency, comfort, and reliability. With 96.7% efficiency, you can save up to $47 per $100 spent on energy, depending on the age of your current furnace.
  • XV95: Furnace with Variable Speed Motor and Comfort-R™ Two-stage heating and variable speed motor and draft inducer improve performance and comfort, and also help control humidity during the summer.
  • XR95: 95% Efficient Single-Stage Furnace places equal emphasis on efficiency and comfort.

Trane 80 Series

With AFUE (annual fuel usage efficiency) of up to 80%, you save money without sacrificing comfort.
Download the Trane 80 Series Brochure

  • XV80: Variable Speed with Comfort-R with two-stage heating that runs as needed, with first stage on temperate days and second stage on colder days, saving money and increasing comfort.
  • XR80: Single-Stage Furnace with four-speed blower motor provides comfort throughout the year.