Dominion East Ohio Energy Star Program puts money in your pocket

heating system planning toolsHudson Heating Company is proud to be a participating contractor in Dominion East Ohio’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR© Program. Energy conservation and high-efficiency furnaces fit together like hand and glove. If you’re looking to upgrade your heating and/or air conditioning system, be sure to ask us about this innovative program that puts up to $1,250 in rebate dollars into your pocket!

Here’s how it works. To take part in the program, you must be a Dominion East Ohio customer with individually metered service, not on a subsidized payment plan or eligible for the Home Energy Assistance Program. You must also use a certified GoodCents auditor and a qualified contractor, such as Hudson Heating Company, when doing a system or equipment upgrade.

The auditor will direct you to a list of participating contractors you can trust. Hudson Heating Company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is highly recommended by Angie’s List, too. You can trust us to do an outstanding job at a price you can afford. Treating customers right and giving them real value is how we’ve stayed in business for the past 57 years!

The auditor assigned to you will do a thorough assessment of your energy usage. This assessment may take up to four hours‚ yes, it’s that comprehensive! The auditor will conduct several tests and then show you exactly where the trouble spots are in your home. The value of this test is $500, but the subsidized cost is just $50‚ an incredible bargain.

The program begins with a consultation with the inspector followed by the inspection itself. You should make every effort to be with the inspector as he performs his work. You will be amazed at the amount of useful information you’ll gain by seeing him conduct his tests. Feel free to ask questions throughout the inspection. After all, this will ultimately save you money year after year for many years to come.

After the inspection, the auditor will present his recommendations. The report will contain a complete set of recommendations, their approximate costs and how much money you’ll save in energy costs. Use this as a guide in determining how best to achieve greater comfort in your home. This assessment is yours to keep, so you’ll be able to refer to it again and again as you make your home improvements.

After the work is completed‚ which usually involves the installation of a high-efficiency furnace ‚Äì the assessment tests are repeated. This test documents that the improvements have achieved the objectives outlined in the original plan. This rigorous inspection gives you the assurance that your hard-earned dollars have been wisely spent and will pay you back with savings for years to come.

Once the auditor verifies the acceptability of the work performed, he will issue a Certificate of Completion. This will trigger the the processing of the rebate, the size of which will be determined by the scope of the work done. One of the best features of this program is that you don’t have to do all the work at once. For example, the work you do now may trigger $600 in rebates. Later, you can complete other parts of the recommendations and earn up to an additional $650 in rebates.

We believe in the value of this program. Ask us about it whenever you’re having heating problems in your home. You just might find that the solution to having a quiet, comfortable home is well within reach and comes with a hefty rebate, too!