Take Control of Your Indoor Comfort Levels

Hudson Heating Company’s wide selection of thermostats and controls allow you to gain greater insight as well as better manage your home’s comfort level and energy usage. From easy-to-use programmable thermostats to robust Wi-Fi-enabled and remote accessible controls, we offer a complete line of products and installation services to help transform your home into an idyllic environment for you and your family.

Wi-fi Enabled

If you are always on the go, but want to make sure that your house is the exact right temperature when you get home, Hudson Heating Company offers Wi-Fi enabled thermostats that you can control from anywhere on a smart device. Monitor your home’s temperature, change your settings on the go, and keep your heating and cooling costs down by not wasting energy when you’re not home.


Programmable thermostats are the easy way to pre-set your thermostat to meet your temperature needs at different times of day, making your home the ideal climate for you, on your schedule.


If you don’t need fancy programming, scheduling or Wi-Fi capability, you might consider one of our non-programmable thermostats. Honeywell’s selection of non-programmable thermostats make it easy to set and forget.

Thermostats We Carry

We know that when it comes to controlling the temperature and energy use of your home, you want the brands that you can trust. Hudson Heating Company trusts and recommends Honeywell, Trane & York thermostats and controls for complete home temperature control.